my other writing activities

About ten years ago, I invented an aging inept superhero, The Knight Phaethon, who has all these crackpot adventures. I wrote a short story of his escapades, but no magazines wanted to touch it with the proverbial ten foot pole, so I tried to pitch it to the people who made movies to no avail. I created some photographs to accompany that pitch. Below are some of those photographs.

The photograph below shows The Knight Phaethon ready for action.

 Below is the Knight Phaethon undercover on ‘Operation Tsunami.’ He is supposed to be on the lookout for Tsunamis, but at the moment he is on a coffee break while the sea behind him is quite calm. His mission is to watch for tsunamis and to report them to the U. S. government on a secret 800 number.  However the 800 number is so secret that even the Knight Phaethon doesn’t know it.


Below is a photograph of The Knight Phaethon as an undercover harmonica player in a jug band.

He is on a mission entitled WHO KILLED FOLK MUSIC? WAS IT YOU?

I plan to publish this story and some twenty other short stories at a later date.